Our Primary Concern... You!

Providing excellent service is the primary objective of our business, and the foundation of our reputation; this is the factor by which all companies are judged. We take your problems very seriously. If you do need help, expect a quick response, we take pride in solving concerns promptly. You can count on us to be there when you need us. Service is more than just repairs; if you have questions about your system or lawn, a professional response is just a phone call away. We take a pro-active approach towards maintenance to insure a trouble-free system year after year, because seasonal service is more than simply turning the water on and off! Over 90% of our customers enjoy the convenience of participating in our Service Agreement program. The program features many benefits including: Winterization & Spring services, guaranteed service rates discounted 10% for parts/labor, adjustments & minor repairs at no charge (when discovered during scheduled service), priority 24 hour scheduling of service (including weekends & evenings), free telephone consultation (including e-mail & FAX service). These are just some of the ways we insure a hassle-free experience. We even offer service requests right here at this site! These are some of the reasons Spring Irrigation has been Mid-Michigan's choice for 50 years.

Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditing

Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditors have an understanding of related elements including grading and drainage, plant material characteristics, and site maintenance and use. Design and construction documents prepared by Certified Irrigation Professionals reflect the specific project's needs and be based on water availability and use requirements and the selection of the most effective irrigation equipment, methods and materials for the application. In addition, a CID has a thorough knowledge of all irrigation equipment including its selection, use, and restrictions. The mission of the Irrigation Association, a non-profit, North American organization, is to improve the products and practices used to manage water resources and to help shape the worldwide business environment of the irrigation industry. The Irrigation Association's interest in water resources encompasses the application conservation, drainage, improvement and recovery of water for economic and environmental enhancement in turfgrass, landscape, agriculture and forestry.

Built to Last

Built to last. That's how Spring Irrigation installs your system. Quality equipment and materials are the first step in the installation of a durable, dependable system. However, without strict quality control and uncompromising standards, the best equipment means nothing. Attention to detail. We know that all elements are important. The best way to avoid future headaches is to take the time to perform the work carefully the first time. After all, we warranty our workmanship for 5 years.

Water Conserving

We always emphasize thorough design and planning to assure the efficient use of our most valuable of resources... water. Valuable not only to our environmental future, but to you! Each year, water rates continue to creep upwards. Your home is an investment, your lawn included. An efficiently designed system is the difference between investment and liability where water is concerned. Spring Irrigation employs a variety of strategies and tools in the war on water waste. Implementing things such as automatic rain sensors, matched precipitation nozzles on all heads, and precise scheduling, are a few ways to keep that investment green without spending too much green!

Certified Design

When installing a sprinkler system, as with any project, design and planning are the foundation of success. To plan an effective, efficient irrigation system, the designer must have experience and education -- the cornerstones to effective water management. To that end, The Irrigation Association strives to provide comprehensive programs and services in the rapidly changing technology of the water resource field. Successfully attaining the IA Certification means more than simply passing the examinations or studying a series of books or videotapes. Certification with the Irrigation Association is centered around a commitment to excellence in education and practice. It is this dedication that has persuaded over 5,000 Irrigation Specialists to strive to attain this level of professionalism. Richard Stelljes (CID, CLIA) of Spring Irrigation among them. Meeting the difficult demands for Golf Course Irrigation Design Certification, Commercial Irrigation Design Certification, as well as, Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor Certification.

Don't be fooled by manufacturer certification, like "Toro Certified Installer" status. There's a huge difference between a marketing gimmick and actual IA certified status. The IA has evolved into the governing body in our industry, it is the final word to all state level irrigation groups and now provides the guidelines for licensing in several states (Michigan does not require licensing of irrigation professionals). IA Certification indicates that the successful applicant has:

  • A minimum of three years of irrigation-related experience/education.
  • Successfully passed a series of written examinations covering both general irrigation subjects and specialty areas.
  • Agreed to follow a specific Code of Ethics.

Certified Irrigation Designers engage in the preparation of irrigation designs to meet the needs of a particular project, selecting the most effective irrigation equipment or materials for the application and utilizing the information in such a manner that efficient and cost-effective irrigation designs are produced which meet the watering requirements for the plant material being irrigated.

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